Expe Vietnam 2015

Wunderground campaign on Indiegogo

There are three weeks left of Geokarst Aventure's "WUNDERGROUND" campaign on Indiegogo and we've raised 10% of the funds; we're short of reaching our goal, but hopefully we'll make up at least some of the difference in the weeks to come.

We're very grateful to all those who have so generously donated funds , as well as those who have shared our campaign with others. We truly appreciate all your efforts!

A huge THANK YOU to those who have donated so far:

Mega Supporter: Cristi Cobzarenco

Supporters: Stefan Carnu, Ioan Cobzarenco, Andreea Stoinescu, Cristina Georgescu, Anonymous (thanks, whoever you are!)

There's still time left for you to pick up one (or more!) of our perks as well as the upcoming DVD of our movie. Your donations and shares make all the difference!

We're really excited about our departure on March 14th for this year's expedition to Vietnam!


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